Saturday, October 25, 2008

autumn's apples

"McIntosh"...the way I prefer my apples and my computer. : )
I used only a 2B pencil. I find it challenging to draw with a natural light source on days like this when the weather is blustery and the sun keeps popping in and out from behind heavy clouds.


Robert V. Sobczak said...

I posted video today of a swamp canoe trip ... in black and white, which reminded me of your still life of the apple. Black and white does an interesting thing to a color image ... in renders it in a new and interesting way. BTW, a very timely post too: its apple season. I officially only eat apples during fall.

Joan Y said...

Oooo, your lines are so delicious! Oh, that and the apples too.

Bill Ross said...

Just discovered your blog. Awesome pencil sketches. Was just at Wheaton College last week visiting an old friend who is a professor there. (Saw on your web-site about your involvement there.)

studio lolo said...

Would that be Wheaton College in Norton, MA? I lived in the next town for years and years! Wow!

MacIntosh apples sure do bring me back home.
Beautiful sketch!