Monday, July 18, 2011

new items in my etsy shop

I am adding new charcoal drawings to my Etsy shop this week, and will be adding autumn leaf reproductions soon. 

Also, you can see my drawing featured over at An Apple a Day.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

still life with feather

a vase that was my mother's
a feather from my walk
a pewter box from an old love
a rosary from my grandmother

Thursday, July 14, 2011

still life with rose bud

 The paper I draw on makes a huge difference in the look and the feel of the finished drawing.  I enjoy Moleskine paper because there really is nothing else like it.  It is so smooth and holds the graphite really well.  However, Using this handmade paper, seen here, forces me to loosen up.  It surface is bumpy, flawed, and somewhat unpredictable, and I prefer to switch to charcoal for this paper.

Here I have included a scan of the entire page, so you can see the uneven edges, which also add interest and beauty to the drawing.  The size is approximately 8.5" X 12.5".

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


One thing I have always felt passionate about is art. Drawing is the first thing children learn to do to communicate with others and make sense of their world. There is something very primitive, yet sophisticated, about a beautiful graphite drawing rendered well. In creating still lifes, I hope to draw attention to the simple things in life that are often overlooked, celebrating the mundane as something rather spectacular. I hope my love of the traditional media of graphite on Moleskine and my passion for art comes through in all of my drawings.  Regardless of how busy my life gets at times, I return again and again to my studio, set up a still life comprised mostly of the foods I use for cooking, open up my Moleskine, and get lost in the intimate bliss of drawing.

Original graphite drawing on Moleskine paper now available in my Etsy shop.