Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday Evening

I recently acquired an A4 size Moleskine so that I could work on a larger surface. I am disappointed with the results. The paper is completely different in color and texture than the buttery soft, coated paper that my pencil is used to gliding over in the smaller size Moleskines. I struggled to achieve tonal range and the texture I was looking for. Nevertheless, I decided to finish the still life I had started.

Amendment: I should probably clarify...I am disappointed with the inconsistency of the paper, but I am actually pleased with the results of the finished still life. This one is also for sale, and will be featured in an upcoming show. Email me if you are interested in purchasing the finished piece. It measures 6.25" X 9.25".


Joan Y said...

Gosh, despite the inconsistency with the paper, you did a marvelous job here. Nice composition and all! I like the texture on the avocado .. you do those so well. And of course your fabrics are always so well done. Nice overall variation in textures in this ... great that you could capture all of them in this larger format. :)

jensdesign772 said...

This is simply gorgeous Kate. I have not talked to you in so long, but I still love to read your blog! I am utterly amazed by your gift of artistry. VERY lovely!

Carolina said...

You did such a magnificent job! No one would ever thought you had trouble with this paper.
Best regards,

Tessa said...

Absolutely mind-bogglingly good. What a truly superb artist you are! How wonderful to have discovered your blog - I'm off to immerse myself in your beautiful art work.

Dean Grey said...


I'm sorry to hear you were having trouble with the paper.

I love seeing larger works from you!

This is a wonderfully rendered still life with a nice assortment of objects.

A nice change from the smaller works!


Cyn Narcisi said...

Another gorgeous sketch,Kate! I'd never guess you were having issues with the paper. Have you hung this piece in your show?

Kathleen Rietz said...

Hi Cyn, thank you so much! No, I have not hung this piece yet, but it may actually be featured in a last minute show this weekend. Have you heard of Art on Track? Google it....Chicago features a train car filled with artwork and you can ride it while taking in the art. Looks like a fun party. It's this weekend.

mike r. baker said...

Your drawing is so beautiful and inspired, throughout this blog. This is an amazing piece.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the paper is not the same in the bigger size moleskines. I am even more disappointed, as I am not a huge fan of the smaller size's paper either, too smooth for my taste. Great drawing, though!