Thursday, November 6, 2008

little brown leaf - november

watercolor study


Joan Y said...

The colors of November! Wow! Have the leaves fallen already? This is such a beautiful study ... love the shadows too. :)

Kate said...

Hi Joan - There aere actually still leaves on many of the trees, and even some bright colored ones, but for the most part they are looking like the one I painted.

tlc illustration said...

Did you paint this in the same Moleskine? If so, the sketching paper holds up to water all right then?

Kate said...

Hi TLC - I have a Moleskine watercolor journal as well as a sketch journal. This is painted in the watercolor journal. The paper is white (as opposed to ivory) and takes watercolor very well.

studio lolo said...

I was just saying I need to drag out the Moleskie. I miss it.
Your leaf series is wonderful! I love the simplicity, and your shadowing is always so true to life.

Dean Grey said...


Great little leaf.

So simple and so elegant at the same time.